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* Greater London Area Only

1. Schedule a visit*

* No payment information is required

2. Personal fitting at your location 

3. Tailor takes away your garments

4. Your garments are being altered 

Takes about 1-2 business day

5. We deliver your tailored clothes

We deliver clothes in person, so nothing is lost or late in mail  😉

Unlock the Best Version of Your Look

The best kind of suit is a well-fitting one. Even if you know your measurements, however, not every off-the-rack garment will fit perfectly. 

Also, many people grow or experience physical changes that can affect the clothes they wear over time, which is why clothing alteration is essential.

For your clothes to fit well, they need to be properly altered to accentuate your body’s unique features; this will help you get the most out of your wardrobe.

Furthermore, purchasing clothes can be quite an investment, o it’s important to get the best value for your pound by ensuring they look as good as possible. 

If there’s some aspect of your clothing that’s unappealing to your taste or style, the tailoring and alteration experts from GetTailored can easily fix it.

* No payment information is required

Here's The Thing: Looking smart matters!

Appearances matter in real and fundamental ways that affect everybody’s daily life – from how we are greeted when meeting others for the first time to whether or not we’ll be harassed while traveling.


Clothing is the primary instrument in creating a positive first impression

Your clothing has a direct effect on people's default assumptions of you — the better you're dressed, the more respect and attention they're going to automatically give you.


Dressing sharp helps with your confidence

The automatic assumption that a well-dressed man should be treated with respect works when it's your reflection in the mirror, too.


Dressing sharp makes you more useful at work

Doesn't matter what your job happens to be and who you're working for, or even if you're your own boss — if you're well enough dressed that you can step away from work and into a meeting with a client, customer, or supervisor without advance preparation, you're more useful.

* No payment information is required

Giving a damn about your appearance is a way of caring how much control you have over your own life — not just over what color of tie to wear this morning.

Who are we?

GetTailored has been established by the London’s leading tailoring company ‘Èsclot London’ in 2021.

With over 30 years’ experience, Èsclot London has been providing tailoring services for men, women, and children’s clothing.

Our aim is to provide the best tailoring services possible delivered to your location*. 

* Greater London Area Only

Our tailors are bespoke suit makers by trade who provide high-quality craftmanship for the perfect fit based on years of experience.

Our vision is to offer premium custom tailored suits and alteration services for men who see the value in looking gallant.

We deliver on; attention to detail, guaranteed customer satisfaction, our reputation and experience, award-winning customer service, all kinds of tailoring services with reasonable prices!

Testimonials - Yes, we had to do it!

I've found my new tailor

Fantastic service and the tailors were very patient with me when it came to getting the exact fit that I wanted. Store is in very professional condition and alteration prices are very reasonable. I think I've found my new tailor. (Google review)


Thank you so much for my wedding suit

...outstanding service. Suit looks great and if I could leave more than 5 stars I would. I will defiantly be going back. (Google review)


Best looking fit

The customer service is excellent as they take time to understand what you require. They also give great advice, so you get the best looking fit. I have used Esclot's services for a year now and I would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend! (Google review)


Superior final product

These guys are great master tailors who I would recommend to both dandies like me and non-dandies alike. They can turn any ideas you have for suits into a reality and will work with you on the fine details to produce a truly unique and superior final product. I feel both very proud and privileged to have had several suits and coats tailored for me by the Esclot team in London and look forward to them making suits for me for many years to come. (Google review)


* No payment information is required

Our service provides a personal fitting session at your location by one of our highly skilled tailors who measures and takes away your garments for alterations to be delivered back to you in 1-2 working days.

Alterations Price List

No surprises! Please find the price list for our most common alterations below.

No! Except for the alteration, there are no additional fees for ‘delivery.’ *

* Orders under £50 are subject to delivery charges.

Feel free to call us for the services not listed below.

TROUSERS                           COST

Shorten legs plain                       £16.00

Shorten legs with turn ups      £18.00

Reduce waist & seat                  £20.00

Crutch Patch                                 £20.00

New zip                                            £20.00

Belt loop making & fitting         £25.00

Reducing side seams                £15.00

Side Adjuster                                 £25.00

Satin Saddle                                  £20.00

Half leg Taper                                £15.00

Full leg Taper                                 £25.00


Shorten sleeves from cuff            £25.00

Shorten sleeves from shoulder  £45.00

Shorten body                                     £35.00

Lengthen sleeves                            £30.00

Reduce/Taper side seams          £35.00

Reduce centre seam                     £20.00

Square back neck                          £30.00

Narrow/Chip shoulders                £35.00

Pads in shoulders                            £30.00

Taper sleeves                                    £30.00

Make Working Cuff                         £35.00

3x Buttons sewing (min.)               £15.00

Satin Collar Fitting                           £75.00

Velvet collar fitting                           £75.00

SHIRT                                    COST

Shorten sleeves from cuff        £15.00

Taper sleeves                                £15.00

Take in side seams                      £15.00

Shaping darts at back              £15.00

Shorten Length                            £15.00

3x Move buttons on the cuff   £15.00

WAISTCOAT                         COST

New back lining                             £30.00

Take in side seam                         £20.00

Move the buttons                          £15.00

Reduce shoulders                        £15.00

* No payment information is required

What Makes Us Different?


We are removing barriers by coming to you so that everyone can look great!


Our tailors are bespoke suit makers by trade who provide high-quality craftmanship for the perfect fit based on years of experience.


We believe that everybody should expect and receive good service, and because this is at the heart of GetTailored, we want to make this commitment to you.


We believe in ease by offering free consultation at our visits!

A Skilled Tailor on Your Side is a MUST!

A well-done alteration has everything to do with the skill level of the person doing the work, whether or not the garment has the fabric for the alteration, and finally how the alteration will affect the garment’s proportions.


Truly anything in your wardrobe will look better on you when it actually fits. (Still, great fit doesn’t trump colour, material, and condition.)

Sleeve length, excess blousing around the torso and too much or too little room in the seat of the pants can all be adjusted to a degree.

It is likely that you can salvage many of the ill-fitting garments in your wardrobe by simply having them altered to fit.

* No payment information is required

Who works with their hands is called ‘worker’.

Who works with their head is called  ‘master’.

Only those who works with his heart is called ‘craftsman’!

Dressing Your Body: Clothing for Gentlemen with Disabilities

It's hard to imagine two more personal issues than a man's wardrobe and his medical conditions, which may be why little reliable tailors exists addressing menswear and fashion for the disadvantaged.

As with many other products, clothing can be adapted to meet individualised needs.

Beyond flattering a specific body, high-quality menswear can also be more comfortable and more convenient for a man with a disability.

And, as with any man, a sharp look will make a favourable impression on others and draw attention to the personal style and wardrobe as a defining and memorable characteristic.

So let us visit you with one of our experienced tailors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What locations do you provide this service for?

We currently provide our services for all London boroughs. It will be soon available in other locations in the UK.

Q. How long does it take to make the alterations?

Alterations normally take 1-2 working days. If you need a same day service, contact us directly.

0207 929 3444

Q. Can you alter any type of garments?

We have tailors who make bespoke garments from scratch, so they are capable of almost any alterations.

Q. Do you alter garments of women and children?

Yes. If preferred, our female tailors are available as well for our female customers.

Q. When and how do we pay?

The payment is made at your door when one of our tailors come to visit you.

Q. What is the delivery charge for orders under £50?

Unfortunately, we must charge a minimum delivery charge of £15 for orders under £50.

Q. Do I have to make a delivery appointment?

Yes, you will need to state the preferred drop-off dates when we visit you. 

Q. What happens if my garments are not back on time as requested?

Please contact us directly.

0207 929 3444

Q. Do you have a dry cleaning service as well?

Yes, we can dry clean clothes. 

Q. What happens if I am not happy with my alterations?

Please contact us after delivery of your tailored clothes. Based on your feedback, we would aim to quickly rectify the alterations at no further cost to you.

0207 929 3444

Q. Do you provide refunds?

If you require a refund, please contact us.

0207 929 3444

* No payment information is required

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